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We Deliver anything at your doorstep. We're fastest cats in the town.

Quick Kitty, Inc. is a universal delivery service powered by the Gig economy, poised to revolutionize the delivery industry. We will enable business to business, business to consumer, and home deliveries all in one platform. From delivering groceries, or alcohol to consumers that order the items online. Food and grocery purchases will be made easier for families that have children and a busy life-style. These items can be delivered to your door.

Our Exclusive Features

Pickup Request
Pickup Confirmation
Direction and Navigation
Bid on Pickup Request
Secure Payments
Review and Rating
Promo codes and rewards
Add multiple vehicle types
In app Call/Chat with customer
Push Notifications
Accept/Reject Pickup Request
No Upfront Charges
Earnings Statistics
Profile Management
Toggle On/Off Business hours