About Us

Today we are busier than ever. Families are spending less time with one another; parents are seeing less of their children and vice versa. The demand for everyone’s time today is more than ever before. With technology being more advanced, people are finding ways to use technology to stay connected and spend more time together.

Chores are one of the major consumers of our time with errands and deliveries taking up a major part of it. With many businesses open 24/7, there are still no sure ways to manage last-mile deliveries; from business to consumer or business to business. There are delivery services for food but there are no sure and reliable short distance delivery services for daily use items e.g. groceries, alcohol, clothes, auto parts, home appliance, home improvement delivery, medical prescriptions, etc. Many retail businesses have an online presence which makes it easy for you to order and curbside pickup, but none actually cover the last mile and deliver to you regardless of location. This is inconvenient.

We enable business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and home deliveries all in one platform. From delivering groceries, or alcohol to consumers that order the items online.

Quick Kitty also has service providers on the platform. With our on-demand services, we are offering direct business-to-consumer opportunities. This enables service providers to reach customers while being toggled on in real-time. They will be able to list all their skills, availability, and prices of services.